Our flight to Noumea was delayed 12 hours so Air Calin put us up in Holiday Inn Auckland Airport. Our disappointment at having our holiday delayed was greatly lessened by our experience at this hotel.
The airport bus picked us up and took us to the hotel where we were greeted by polite, professional and kind staff. It was just after 12 when we arrived and we were told our rooms weren’t ready, but lunch was included, so we headed into the dining room and have a FANTASTIC lunch. There was everything we could have possibly hoped for – and more. It was tasty and fresh.
Soon after we ate, they checked us in and we headed to our room. It was nice and tidy and the beds were very comfortable. I loved that the hard and soft pillows were labeled for our convenience.
We relaxed for the afternoon before having dinner in the dining room – again, excellent food. Lots of choices – and to my daughter’s delight, an ice cream bar.
Every single person we encountered, including the men laying the carpet, were friendly and cheerful. I’m proud that guests to our country might experience service like this.