Your holiday starts the second you lock the front door, not once you get to your destination.

If you’re staying near the airport before your flight leaves, start enjoying that relaxed feeling and check out some of these fantastic local attractions:

1. Butterfly Creek

This unmissable family activity is only minutes’ drive from both Auckland Airport and Holiday Inn Auckland Airport. With everything from a butterfly house, reptiles, a farm and even a dinosaur kingdom, the kids are sure to be entertained for hours. The wide variety of experiences means that Butterfly Creek is perfect for children of any age and you can spend as much or as little time as like there. Make sure to visit their website and check out any special encounters that may be happening.

butterfly creek 2

2. Rainbow’s End

If you have a whole day to spend in Auckland, your family will love a trip to New Zealand’s most popular theme park. Experience thrills and spills on famous rides such as the Enchanted Forest Log Flume, Stratosfear and Power Surge. Rainbow’s End provides great family fun that is guaranteed to get your holiday off to the perfect start.

Rainbows end

3. Formula E

Do you have teenagers that need to be entertained for a few hours? Go Karting is a great activity for older children that will give them a fun experience, build their confidence and encourage a little friendly competition. Because this course is indoors, you can have a fun time even if the pre-flight weather isn’t what you were hoping for.

Formula e

4. Treasure Island Golf Course

Mini Golf seems like the perfect summer holiday activity, especially if the winner has to treat the whole family to ice cream afterwards! Enjoy wandering through the course, which features obstacles such as pirate ships and shark infested waters go to this site. This activity is great for when you’re short on time but still feel like exploring the local area a little.

5. Rocket Ropes

Start your high flying adventure at Rocket Ropes. Although you’ll be a lot closer to the ground than you would in a plane, it still takes guts to get through the challenging obstacles. With tons of aerial activities, your family will love doing something a little different and blowing off some steam before you head off on the next big adventure.

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